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W3 Awards Gold Winner

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skyn ICELAND website

Winner of the W3 Gold Award for digital design excellence, skyn ICELAND’s website features Darling Design’s signature melding of classic products with complementary digital storytelling. With the awe-inspiring scenery and mineral-rich waters of Iceland as inspiration, we designed an e-commerce site focused on the brand’s stress-fighting skincare products and also developed a user-friendly format where customers can complete a skincare consultation and stress test, access tips for combating daily anxiety, and find personalized solutions for overstressed skin from an array of premium Icelandic skincare products.

Our newly updated website for skyn Iceland features fixed navigation that remains on page yet shrinks as the customer scrolls. And to accentuate the brand’s commitment to use of pure ingredients from the pristine glacial waters of Iceland, we enriched the homepage with a streaming waterfall video.

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skyn ICELAND blog
the skynny logo

Winner of the W3 Silver Award for digital design excellence, The Skynny blog we developed for skyn ICELAND features its own distinct personality: Playful, newsy, and engaging, it presents skyn ICELAND as a lifestyle brand and connects it to a target market of women seeking sustainable skincare solutions that prevent and reverse the environmental impacts of aging. The Skynny offers online community access to inside celebrity stories, travel and adventure inspiration, and natural beauty advice. The blog features a content management system that allows the client to make real-time updates.

To drive sales to the website, Darling Design creates, manages, and distributes weekly email blasts to skyn ICELAND’s subscriber list, providing customers news on seasonal sales, new product releases, and editorials from skyn ICELAND founder Sarah Kugelman.

skyn ICELAND blog
Marks & Spencer Planogram

We also designed the brand’s retail store collateral, including signage and display shelving, as well as marketing PDFs and PowerPoint presentations that inspire retailers to purchase skyn ICELAND’s products for their stores.

Marks & Spencer Planogram