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Potentia Website

A luxury fragrance line developed by a psychologist seeking to transform people’s lives through perfumery, Potentia encourages individuals to pursue their potential through fragrance. Darling Design crafted an ecommerce website for Potentia that tells the story of the brand—inspired by methods and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians who saw the scarab and amber resins as symbols of the transformative powers within the self. Our design scheme guides visitors through the four dimensions of human experience—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—to help them select the fragrance that inspires their own inner essence.

Potentia Tarot Cards
Darling Design also created a compendium of elegant tarot-style cards that artfully guides customers through each fragrance profile. The cards accompany delicate scent notes as well. We also crafted and sourced complementary shopping bags and delicate gold stickers for Potentia launch events.
Potentia Business Cards

Additional collateral produced by Darling Design included business cards featuring the Potentia scarab and contact information foil-stamped in gold on premium textured black paper with the perfumery’s brand collage printed on the back. For an added touch of luxury, we gilded the edges of the business and notecards.

Potentia Collateral Potentia Collateral

Our collection of design work for Potentia also includes an elegant saddle-stitched, foldout brochure on premium paper that tells the brand story and provides an overview of their fragrance products and the Potentia brand.