Moccasin Wallow Golf Club


Having acquired an existing golf course with plans for complete reconstruction, the client wanted branding to signal the start of a new era in golf for the local Palmetto, Florida area. The course’s new name, Moccasin Wallow Golf Club, was an essential part of the new brand and needed an eye-catching logo. The client requested that the logo include a water moccasin and golf ball, and appeal to both older and younger generations of golfers. Darling Design created a bold, energetic logo, with multiple iterations for different features of the club.

Moccasin Wallow Golf Club logo
Moccasin Wallow Golf Club branding
Moccasin Wallow stationery system

We also created stationery system for the club, demonstrating how consistent use of the logo provides a visual cue and strong, recognizable brand identity. The logos will be used on various items throughout the golf club, including signage and merchandise.

Moccasin Wallow Golf Club branding